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October 29- November 16, 2018


What you can expect to gain:

  •  Get comfortable starting and ending your Facebook lives. 
  •  Engage with your audience in an authentic way.
  • Receive feedback and encouragement to improve your speaking skills.  
  • Be confident and comfortable on camera.
  • Have a solid plan in place to grow your blog through live streaming.

Hi There! I'm Abby  

As the founder of Speaking for Bloggers, I'm passionate about helping women get their message out into the world.  

When I first started planning Live Streams, I struggled to figure out what to talk about to my audience. I often wished there was someone who could walk me through the process and share their secrets. I promised myself that if I ever figured it out, I would try to help everyone I could, and that is where this challenge was born.  

Whether you are a new blogger dipping your toe into the world of Live Streaming, or a seasoned online entrepreneur, this Challenge will help you plan and execute your message quickly.  

You have a story. Let's make sure it's heard.